Friday, June 27, 2008

Buy call

Buy call on Boustead at $2.30

Parabolic show buy.
Acc/dis has a sharp peak
GMMA/CCI show good signs
stochastic has red over blue. but shows overbought
CMF went into positive

Kian Boon:
Agree with Daniel. Boustead looks promising on the charts.
FYI: DBS and Philips Securities issued hold and buy call for Boustead respectively.
Fair price: S$2.49 - I recommend this stock to those who are willing to hold the shares for at least 1yr.
Buy Price: I think S$2.30 is a bit on the high side. SAR touches the trend line at S$2.20. Coupled with FED recent decision to stop decreasing interest rate to curb inflation. The stock market is looking bearish at least for a few months. I think should buy between S$2.15 - S$2.20.
PS: This stock is often overbought and the volume of stocks traded on a regular day is very low. Therefore don't expect Boustead share prices to be moving rapidly. Investors buying this stock should have a long term outlook. - My 2cents Worth!

Buy call on venture at $10.20
Parabolic buy
CCI cutting 0 from below
GMMA going to have red cut green
RSI cutting 0 from below
stochastic, blue over red and moving up towards 0

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Calls for the day

I am issuing a buy call on oceanus group limited at $0.41

GMMA red above green
Momentum has cut above 0.3 from below
RSI is around 56%, just a little over bought
Parabolic cut, to give a buy signal.
CCI is overbought though.

Also issung buy call on Noble Grp at $2.37
Parabolic gives a buy signal.
Stochastic has blue over red
RSI moving up passing 50%
GMMA red over green
CCI cutting through 0 from below
MACD blue GOING to cut red, but red is in positive region


Sunday, June 22, 2008

SPC might be turing up.

Hi, just wanted to try my luck.

I am issuing a buy call for singtel at $3.77
CMF moving up.
GMMA turing bullish
MACD has blue line above red..though red line below 0
The parabolic indiactor shows a buy call.


Sharing of chartnexus account

Hi people, i have subscribed to 6mth of chart nexus. If you guys would like to share it with me..just let noe. I will collect a flat fee of $20.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

230608 to 290608

All please post here using the format that i sent u guys. ..Put yr name 1st, then copy and past the excel table.

Legend: i = inconclusive , n= no , y=yes, s=check again soon as it shows possible indication

Name Acc/Dis ADX ATR Bolllinger CMF CCI GMMA Momentum MFI MA MACD OBV SAR PVT ROC RSI Stochastics William'%R
SPH i i i n n y n i s n n n n i i y Y i
Keppel Corp i i i s i c c n i y n i n i n y/c y n
SPC i i i s y s n n i n n i y n i s y i