Sunday, October 10, 2010

Busy with work

Dear readers, the lack of updates recently is because of my commitment at my work place. Though the hours at my trading house are rather long, but I actually enjoy what I am doing now and am learning lots of stuff with regards to physical oil trading.

Also because of work,I have also turned down an offer from Mr Tan Kin Lian's (ex CEO of NTUC income) offer to help set up and teach a financial course, but I feel honoured to have been approached by him too.

In other news, currently I am not really actively trading the markets for 2 main reasons,

1. Work makes it hard for me to monitor the markets as actively as in the past
2. Just by looking at the charts, I feel that the market is going to correct soon. All the RSIs are above 70!!

However, I do check my watchlists daily..which comprises of commodity stocks and REITS.

Finally, I believe that I will be updating this blog much less frequently in the future and I thank everyone for the support over the years.