Saturday, May 5, 2012

Corporate finance

Just some updates. I finished my risk management rotation at the end of Dec 2011. However prior to finishing, I moved from the Naphtha desk to the Gasoline desk (early September), where I became the lead. Life wasn't easy but I learned much and had greater responsibilities.

Now, I am currently based in Geneva, Switzerland, doing my final rotation in Corporate Finance. Essentially this is where all the corporate financing for the company is done. I am involved in bond issuance, launching of revolving credit facilities, selling asset backed securities etc. In this role, I also get to monitor all the availability liquidity in the company and the expected Capex of the company.

This role has also given me great insights on the group level business strategy (bulk & non ferrous metals, oil, industrial and asset management) of not only my own company, but also my competitors in similar industries. I also get to meet really senior bankers from various banks as my company has over 100+ banking relationships worldwide.

One interesting thing is that I get to see all the bankers who are in the investment banking division of the various banks! I am essentially their clients as they often come over to pitch their bank in order to secure the deal. And seriously, it is easy to see a bank trying to smoke their way through a pitch!

Halve way though now and 4 more months to the end!