Thursday, July 3, 2008

Looking for new TA1 people

Hi all, currently i am short of people in TA1, if u're interested to help out..let me know

Anyway i am issuing a buy call on JMH400US$ at $30.40
Parabolic shows buy
CCI moving up to cut zero, but looks like its going down again
GMMA, the red going to cut green
MACD, blue over red, buts its below zero going upwards
RSI, moving upwards, cut 50%
Stochastics, blue over red, going up to oversold regions

Buy call on ASL marine at $1.26
parabolic shows buy
GMMA has red going above blue
RSI cut past 50% from below, now at 65%
MACD, with blue over red,with red jus above 0
stochastic, blue over red, going above 0

Buy call on Ascendasreit at $2.32
Parabolic buy
CCI cuting up above 0 from below
GMMA red movng up towards green, but still below
RSI moving to tp 50% from below, but has been staying there for a while
Stochastic blue above red,moving upwards
MACD, blue above red, but red way below 0

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