Monday, December 15, 2008

Successful networking/trading session!

Even though in the end we only had 4 people at the session. I would say its a successful one. It is really not the number of people at the session, but rather the content/scope/depth of the discussion.

Topics that we talk about include
  • Risks in trading
  • Simple style of trading
  • Ways the stock market is being manipulated
  • Technical analysis opinions
  • Commodities trend
  • Currency trends
  • Property trends
  • World economic trends
  • And many many more...
For me, its my first time having this sort of discussion. Though I have only met these people for the first time, we are still able to chat as though we know each other for quite some time already.
It is really surprising how easy it is for people of common interests to get engross in talking about something that there are so interested in, although they are from different age groups.

Once again I thank them for coming all the way down to NTU on a rainy Sunday afternoon.


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