Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kuala Lumpur

Hi Fellow readers!

Sorry for the lack of updates for the past few days. Was away in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for holiday. It was a fun/cheap holiday. Saw a few business opportunities over there that could be potentially brought into Singapore.

For example like

  • Nando's . Its a place where it sells chicken, something like Kenny rogers. However i feel that the chicken there taste better..and its a little cheaper then Kenny rogers. 1/2 chicken with 2 sides for 20RM. Think franchise.
  • Jackie Chan's cafe concept. Though i think there is a Jackie Chan cafe here, it is slightly different in concept. In Malaysia, the cafe is more of a place for people to sit and relax ( there have sofa chairs) after a busy day of shopping. Its more of renting a place than selling food/drinks. Think of it also as a place for bored and tired husbands and boyfriends to rest while waiting for their partners to finish shopping. =p
Shall update more soon..


SGDividends said...

Hi NTUchartist,

Personal opinion, dont think doing a franchise is good as we will be building other people's brand.

One is actually an "employee" when one becomes a franshisee..only that one has to come up with own captial upfront.

Unless you are the person who franschise out the business.

Personal opinion only :).

Thanks for sharing btw and keep it coming
Sgdividends Team

ntuchartist said...

Hi SGDividens,

yup, i agree with you on building other people's brand and ending up as an 'employee'.

However, i wonder if it is possible to be the franchise owner in Singapore so that you will have the exclusive rights to operate in Singapore ( hence an employer on the Singapore side).
The food is really not bad and it could be a stepping stone to get some capital for other business..

Wealth Journey said...

Yes, you can become a master franchise for singapore.

However, Nandos already got a Master Franchise in Singapore. I first tasted Nandos in Australia and was keen to bring it in. I did contact the Nandos HQ and they gave me the Singapore master franchisor contact.

I did email the franchisor but he/she did not respond. I guess he/she is interested in expanding it when the time is right.

Wealth Journey said...

If you are interested in bringing the Nandos franchise in.. I figure they are looking for someone who can put in at least $500k.

So like what SGdividends mentioned, sometimes, if you cannot breach that entry of barrier for a brand. YOu might need to create the brand yourself.

Like Donut Factory. The concept is copied from a very popular Donut franchise in Japan called Mr Donut.

Deadelf said...

now.. u see nandos in bugisjunction8 with busily business..

ntuchartist said...

i have not seen/tasted it for myself yet, but I suppose it should be doing well now.

I wonder who is the Master franchisee who has been holding the license for so long and yet only started his restaurant recently..


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