Friday, May 1, 2009

Swine Flu and its impact on Singapore

I am sure most of you are aware that swine flu is causing a worry in the world now. Like many other reports I agree that this flu will cause the economy to slow down like the period during SARS. However, similar to the SARS period, there are still certain sectors which are considered defensive.. such as

  • telecommunication (cos people travel less and businesses will do video conferencing more often)
  • Health ( Just look at the newspapers, everyone is selling mask and thermometers, even the flu medicines are selling like hot cakes, though they don't prevent swine flue)
On the other hand, you can start shorting stocks (via CFDs) on companies like SIA, and generally most retail companies too.

The above two methods should be profitable once the first case is detected in Singapore. ( Yup I know its morally wrong, but in economic sense, this should happen)

*Good thing I feel about this swine flue, is that it might cause all the companies to drop harder and faster leading to a faster recovery, instead of the expected slow and long recovery.

Meanwhile, do take care of your personal hygiene, drink more water and stay healthy! Have a good May day!

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