Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Big Market Movement Coming!

Like many reports.. the market is moving side ways now, looking for a direction, because there is no big catalyst yet. BUT I foresee a big movement soon! (Technical indicators points to a major movement soon)

It will most probably be a break out, because sentiments are bullish, judging from the numerous reports from the various brokerage houses. Thus, if you got the capital, do take this opportunity to buy in when the price drops.

However do set cut loss prices, because bullish sentiments do not mean that short term bear corrections cannot take place. And I also advice strongly against shorting the market in the long run.

I was back testing several technical indicators, most shorting trading plan do not work reliably in the present bullish market. It is safer now to blindly go long then trying to short the market via technical or fundamental analysis.


daniel said...

Oct typically has been a lousy month for investment. Long with care.

ntuchartist said...

Apparently this year, quite a lot of the trends are not the norm..

Like sell in may and go away and like a pre National rally. These norms does not seem to following the past few years.

But yah, we should still long with care. And I also believe in setting stop loss. Even in very long term investments.

SGDividends said...

Actually looking at the Baltic Dry Index Chart, one can see that it is going down pretty consistently.

It could point to the downside with a higher probability.


ntuchartist said...

That's true.

Looks like more care has to be given to cut loss.

Frankly I am still a little bullish, till technical indicators prove to be other wise.

But if I am not taking any positions now, I wouldn't enter the market.


Who can predict what the next move in the market will be.