Sunday, December 20, 2009

Back from Hong Kong

Above are some photos from my trip.

Some interesting observations that I made in Hong Kong are

  • People there are VERY interested in finance. You see people looking at stocks everywhere, a bunch of old people can be gathering near a small screen near an ATM machine looking at the jumping of the prices in the Hang Seng Index. Also, they have countless magazines talking about investment/money etc. The most amazing thing is that I saw an episode of a lecture on Technical Analysis from the Hong Kong University broadcasting on a Sunday Morning!
  • They have property rental shops everywhere! I believe this can be viable in Singapore. A physical presence will be very useful for expats who are coming to Singapore in search of a flat. The unique thing about these shops is that the company holds onto the keys of the flats, hence the customer can actually view all the flats immediately! This is similar to those in the UK.
  • People there trade car park lots like houses. A carpark lot actually comes with a title deed!
  • I am sure most of you who have been to Hong Kong have seen the dessert shop Xue Liu Shan. It is a dessert shop specializing in selling deserts that are made up of mangoes. I heard that there was a branch in Singapore a few years back, but it failed. I wondered what happened. But frankly, I do see a possible market for this dessert shop in Singapore. Only problem is the high price of the desserts.


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