Friday, January 22, 2010

Stop Loss Hit!

Personally I have hit all my trailing stop losses and have exited with quite a good profit.

Even though this time round, it seems like a healthy correction but my gut tells me that it will last longer than the mini corrections that we have seen in the past few months. ( It's just a gut feeling, so I will just be buying with greater caution)

However, these stocks are nearing or at their support lines. (Not very speculative stocks, so rather good for trading if your are low to medium risk takers) So I might actually be buying in soon for trading purpose, depending on the market conditions next week.
  • Jardine C&C
  • Keppel Land
  • Suntec REIT
  • Parkway REIT


Anonymous said...

Earned big bucks brother?

Got tips share leh =)

ntuchartist said...

Eh..not very big, but good enough.

Tips wise..dun really have any. I just practise some TA together with FA.


I Would like o say something about using stop loss orders. I think stop loss orders are worthless when used to pick bottoms on stocks. When you have a large gain in a stock and seek to protect it theirs no way of knowing what your stock may open at. It could close at 30 and open at 20 than the stop loss order will not do you any good because your out of the stock well below your stop out price. The best way to use stop loss orders is with exchange traded funds or closed end funds because rarely do they open 10% below their closing price the next day unlike single stocks.