Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Credit Cards ( Singapore)

Found a good link that compares the credit cards available in Singapore.

It gives a simple review of most of the credit cards in Singapore and includes information like:
  1. Privileges of the cards
  2. Minimum Annual Income
  3. Interest rate to pay if you choose not to pay up in full
  4. Annual Fee
  5. How long is the annual fee waived if you apply
  6. Link to know more about the card
  7. Link to apply for the card
Also,before applying for the card, besides the information given on this site, try to find out more on :
  1. What is the minimum sum you must pay per month if you choose to defer the payment to the following month.
  2. Minimum finance charge(The minimum interest rate you need to pay a month)
  3. The interest rate/minimum charge for using their cash advance. ( If you were to use their credit card to draw cash)

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