Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Views about the Singapore market using TA and FA

Looking at the charts, done based on closing of 14th oct. Signals have turned up for the short term.
MACD: it has cross over the signal
Trend lines: It has broke the resistance of the converging downward trend line (for the short term)
Moving average: It has crossed over the 5 and 7 days moving average.

Though I expect profit taking to set it. And also due to the fact that Japan goverenment has flushed out 9.8 billion dollars ( cited from ) The temporary uptrend still looks intact for now.

On the fundamental side
I was just reading an article. It says that due to the global credit crisis, companies which are cash rich will tend to do better. This is because they do not face as much financing problems as companies that require financing ( borrowing cash from banks) to do their business. An example of a cash rich company presently, based on the report is SPH ( the one that prints our newspaper) Companies like REITs ( real estate investment trust) on the other hand, tend to do worst, as they would be be able to get the financing required to expand their their business and do better.


Edmund said...

ehh taking a quick look at the charts, if STI manage to break the resistance line at 2146 with increased volume it might continue to rise. but my guess is that it's a correction and it will drop back before hitting 2146. that's just my guess cause i didn't use any other analysis tools haha

ntuchartist said...

Hmm..looking at the US trend now, the STI might actually bounce back on monday!