Sunday, April 19, 2009

Business Networking Review

Had a great session today at Phillip Investor Hub! There were 10 of us present, coming from various background and age groups.

The session started off with me introducing some of my ideas, followed by us splitting into 3 groups namely
  • E shop business
  • Trading/charting
  • Food Business
After that, we came together to share a little of what we discussed within each group.

Personally I was in the food business group, which eventually carried on all the way to 5pm. It was fruitful, and most probably something will come out of it.

Here is the brief summary of the meeting

1. E shop business
This discussion was mainly done between 2 of our IT specialist friends with a friend from SMU.

This involves setting up an online retail shop to bring in other small retail shops. Sounds complicated? But its essentially, its like setting up a shopping mall like Takashimaya, Tampines Mall (i.e. this business) and bringing in various shops like Hang Ten, Nike ,Addias. etc ( for example those bloggers who are currently selling stuff on their own blog shop).

2. Trading/ Charting
This discussion was done between a broker friend and 2 TA specialist from

This discussion involves helping to build up the web base subscribers due to the moving of their web site.

3. Food business
This discussion involves a man who has been helping people set up food business for the past 20 years. Also, this is the topic that everyone finally converged into and a possible business plan was formed.

This involves setting up a culinary business. However, we do not only teach people HOW to cook. But also HOW to SETUP a food business.
The business aspect will involved education on stuff like...things to look out for like preventing your takings from being stolen etc.
Also, because of the IT specialists, we discussed the feasibility to help put this business online too.
The cooking aspect will be targeted to housewives, maids etc. and might extend to even selling cooking products to them.

This particular business will be seeing another meet up (but is closed to new people) soon to further develop the idea as we have the man to provide the technical know-how. So now its up to the marketing and the further development of the idea.