Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Review of : Insight to being a professional trade @ SGX academy

I attended a seminar that is hosted by with Ong First and SGX at SGX Academy on Tuesday 15 Apr 2009 at the SGX building. The talk lasted from 7pm-9.30pm.

The speaker talked about his personal experience ranging from why he started trading,including the time when he was still a floor trader. ( Floor trading has stopped already, i.e. no more shouting with high signals in the stock market like you see on TV. As Singapore has chosen to go electronic.) And the present day, when is still a broker and a trader.

However, the 'real content' as basically catagorized into these 3 points, which he briefly touched on:
  1. Money management

  2. Psychological factors

  3. Having a trading system

To learn more, you will have to attend his course, which will cost $900 by him, and $3000 if it is conducted by a more 'PRO' person.
In general, I find the course structure very similar to all those trading I don't think its particular useful to spend a few thousands to learn these. Unless you want to learn their enter/exit strategy, i.e their systems. However I think a real trader would not want to reveal their winning system to anyone else..

The only thing that I found useful, was one of his trading style. He calls it the opera house system, but essentially its a 'head and shoulder formation' as called in technical analysis. Essentially, the break out would attain a peak of roughly the magnitude of the previous trough. The diagram below will give a better description.

Happy trying around with his strategy!


calvinc said...

Hi NTU Chartist, just a note, how do you actually start trading? I am an engineering student who is very keen about the financial sectors in Singapore. i wonder if you can give me a headstart. Thanks.

ntuchartist said...

Hi, drop me an email at

can tell you more.. =)

Anonymous said...

Same level? hmm...

Some ppl would prefer to subscribe to the Fibonacci ratios & Elliott Wave Theory



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