Monday, August 24, 2009

First Trade, STI ETF

Finally made my first trade, bought 3 lots of STI ETF @ $2.64

Bought based on momentum crossover, though the Fibonacci retracement condition is not satisfied yet.


Anonymous said...

Only invest in SGX blue chips...

Avoid penny stocks. Although they fly like nobody's biz, they also drop like nobody's biz.

Look abroad... DJI and S&P will be a better playing field.

Too many sharks and perils in SGX...

ntuchartist said...

Dun really know the US market..but will be exploring there soon.

I suppose STI ETF is not really considered a penny stock?

Anonymous said...

Another thingy... Work in the Finance industry when you graduated. DO NOT COME TO ENGINEERING FIELD!!!


I have a banking friend... who is earning $300,000 per annum at the age of 30.

I am only earning $55,000 per annum at 30.

ntuchartist said...

haha..what is your friend working as?

I don't think most bank jobs pay so much though.

I have actually been going for lots of recruitment talks from banks and financial companies. But do not really know which one to choose. Do you have any recommendations?

Anonymous said...

Get into any bank first... Be it local bank or foreign banks, OCBC, UOB, RBS, Citi or DBS.

From then, gain working experience and expand your network.

Luck is the most important ingredient in life... Even if you are smart and suave and anything... No luck and you can kiss goodbye to everything.

Stock+Comm+FX Traders, Commercial banking and Risk Management are the top bracket... If you have High Net Worth Individual (HIWN), might consider being a Relationship Manager.

You might want to consider getting a Master in Financial Engineering.

ntuchartist said...

I see. Just curious..any lobang for bank jobs?

techventurer said...

Congrats on your first trade!

May this be the start of an exciting journey to wealth and knowledge.

By the way, you seem to have a few interesting business ideas. Any plans to develop any of them?

ntuchartist said...

Hi Techventurer,

Haha, actually its my first trade in a while, but I did trade some time back. Anyway, I have actually taken profits yesterday as I decided not to play with the STI resistant line.

Anyway, the plans for the businesses, they are still in ideas stage. I would like to expand on them soon though. If you are interested, do drop me an email at


Those charts look great. Nice consistent move over time.