Sunday, August 30, 2009

Phllip Captital Market Watch

Here's a summary of the video:
  • Sep/Oct Typically bad months for stock market
  • Stock market now is bullish, though the economy is bearish
  • Economic indicators are bad
  • In fact, investors are 'brainwashed' to think that the economy is better
  • This is shown by the lower percentage of cashing holding among people => people are investing more now
  • Oct typical has the largest one day drop in history. Eg. Black Monday in 1929 and 1987. Also, in 2008, Dow Jones and S&P drop 7% in day!
  • Invest in gold for now, if you are conservative

My view:
Personally I have invested in the STI ETF, and judging from the charts, the STI is facing a resistance now( from the Fibonacci retracement). I have initially decided to do dollar cost averaging on this stock, however if this resistance proves to bee too tough to break, I intend sell the stock, and buy back when the market corrects.

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Great video nice interview well done.