Friday, August 7, 2009

My Stock Picks

Looks like the correction is here. And Singapore is leading the way!

However be prepared for the uptrend. These are the stocks that I'm looking at.


Will buy when nearing 2380. However if it choose to rebound next week, will only buy if it breaks 2666. In addition there should be a crossover of the momentum indicator before I buy

Suntec REIT

  • With a reported NAV of $1.98 and a current market price of less than$1, the discount is one of the biggest of all the REITs with a market capitalization of over S$1 billion.
  • The expected yields based on some reports is around 11%,9%,7% for the year 2009,2010,2011 respectively.
  • Reported gearing of around 35%. Though a little high, I feel that its still managable. Since interest rates are low now, I think their newly funded debts should have low interests too,hence the potential for higher future earnings
  • Though office rental prices are expected to go down, I feel that in the long term, land prices in Singapore in general will still go up
  • Will buy it its nearing $0.874(support) . Or if it breaks out of $1.10(resistance), provided the STI breaks out too.

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The companies sound very impressive.