Sunday, November 2, 2008

TA of Dow Jones for coming week (3-9 Nov 2008)

MACD: Bullish crossover
RSI: Has not reach to overbought yet, upside is still possible
Average True range ( ATR ): Divergence, Signaling a reversal is possible
Parabolic SAR ( Red circles ) : Intersect the price line, bullish
Moving Averages (MA) : 5 day MA cut above 7 day MA
Bollinger Band: Price went pass the center of the band, bullish

In general : It seems like the trend for the Dow Jones is going to be bullish for the week. Lets see..

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shawnshawn said...

keep it up, ntuchartist.. i will be ur long time supporter for ur blog.. had been a regular these days

ntuchartist said...

haha thanks! Appreciate it =)

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